A Local’s Gluten free Guide To Vienna, Austria

Updated February 2024

Hello! My name is Jenni and I have Celiac Disease.

My blog is usually in German. However, I receive so many questions about gluten free dining, hotels and gluten free grocery shopping in Vienna from people abroad. The best advice you can get when traveling to a new destination is always from a local. Especially when you are traveling gluten free.

Bim in Wien

This local gluten free guide for Vienna will give you great insider information on how to tackle your next gluten free trip to Vienna, Austria!

Gluten free in Vienna: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Hotels & Grocery Shopping

Hello! Servus, Grüß Gott in Vienna! Welcome to Vienna!
This post also exists similar in a German version.

This list reflects my personal experience living gluten free in Vienna. I’m sure there are other gluten free places in Vienna as well. However, I only recommend places I’ve been myself. I will keep this list updated and add new gluten free places as well. A note: It is very common in Austria to use gluten free wheat starch. Gluten free wheat starch is considered fine for celiacs.

Gluten free in Vienna: Breakfast / Cake & Coffee

Let’s get started!

1 | Café Grüner Salon –  Hirschengasse 8, 1060 Vienna

This is a lovely Café in the 6th district of Vienna. Everything is dedicated gluten free. There is no danger of cross contamination. They even offer bread without gluten free wheat starch, vegan options and sugar-reduced desserts. Here is your chance to try the famous Vienna Sachercake gluten free! Next to gluten free breakfast, they also offer some basic lunch options and ice cream in summer. The Café Grüner Salon is very popular, reserving a table is highly recommended. My favourite celiac-safe spot in Vienna! 🙂

Das glutenfreie Kraftjoghurt im Café Grüner Salon

2 | Allergiker Café –  Wiedner Hauptstraße 35, 1040 Vienna

100% dedicated gluten free, soy-free and lactose free little Café. Perfect for those with multiple allergies and intolerances.  Allergiker Café offers breakfast, basic lunch options and a good variety of gluten free cakes.

3 | Simply Raw Bakery – Drahtgasse 2, 1010 Vienna

Located in the heart of Vienna in the first district: Simple Raw Bakery. Hofburg, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Albertina and Saint Stehphan’s Cathedral are only a few minutes away. Gluten free, raw, egg free, flour free and without industrial sugar. It’s a lovely little raw Café! Update: As of July  2023 simply raw bakery is permanently closed.

Gluten free in Vienna: Restaurants

Next, let’s have a look at gluten free lunch and dinner options:

4 | Gasthaus „Zum Wohl“  – Stumpergasse 61, 1060 Vienna

One of my favourite restaurants in Vienna. It’s dedicated 100% gluten free and lactose free. The restaurant „Zum Wohl“ (it means „Enjoy your meal“) is conveniently located next to the Mariahilferstraße, one of Vienna’s largest shopping areas. They offer a variation of traditional Austrian Cuisine as well as international-inspired dishes. As a meat lover you should definitely try the „gebackene Fledermaus“ (baked bat) – don’t worry it’s not a real bat. This is an very old Viennese term for pork meat. Vegetarians will also be happy with the saisonal changing menu. You might want to book a table in advance. It can be crowded sometimes, especially in the evening. Suitable for lunch and dinnner.

Glutenfreie Fritatensuppe

5 | Gasthaus „Am Predigtstuhl“  – Oberwiedenstraße 34, 1170 Vienna

This restaurant is very special. The decor is somehow traditional, fun and austrian at the same time. It’s a cozy, down to earth place. It’s not 100% gluten free, but they have a very good knowledge of celiacs needs. They offer a variety of gluten free dishes, including Wiener Schnitzel, Schweinsbraten as well as other typical Austrian cuisine. It’s a bit off the track, located in the beautiful 17th district of Vienna up a steep hill, close by the Schwarzenbergpark and some very nice hiking routes. Best if you come by car. Otherwise take bus 46A or 46B to the stop „Oberwiedenstraße“, which is right in front of the restaurant. You can check all routes using public transport in Vienna on the journey planner Wiener Linien website.

6 | Gasthaus Nestroy – Weintraubengasse 7, 1020 Vienna

The restaurant Nestroy is very centrally located, close to Wiener Prater. Offering a separate gluten free menue, this is the place for typical Viennese food! As a vegetarian I rarely go there. Although the gluten free desserts are amazing! They also have gluten free local beer.

Glutenfreies Schnitzel im Gasthaus Nestroy

Gluten free in Vienna: Burger & Fries

Gluten free burger in Vienna. Gasthaus Zum Wohl recently started offering gluten free burgers, as well as these Hard Rock Café and McDonald’s Austria.

7 | Hard Rock Café Vienna – Rotenturmstraße 25, 1010 Vienna

They have a separate gluten free menu, offering gluten free burgers, fries and wings. Unfortunately they do not offer any gluten free, vegetarian dishes. Although they did prepare a special salad for me after consulting with the Chef.

8 | McDonald’s 

McDonald’s in Austria offers gluten free burgers, as well as gluten free fries. You can easily order using one of the terminals. Gluten free bread is clearly marked with the Crossed Grain symbol. There is also a gluten free cake in Mc Café. Be aware of cross contamination though! There are some mixed experiences with McDonald’s. Best to specifically ask them to warm up your burger bun separately.

Gluten free in Vienna: Pizza & Pasta

Where to find the best gluten free pizza in Vienna? As a celiac it’s a little tricky with gluten free pizza choices in Vienna. One thing to note: There are many places offering gluten free pizza. However, most of them are not safe for celiacs!

glutenfreie pizza

09 | Vapiano – 6 x in Vienna
Vapiano is a German-Italian chain offering a great selection of gluten free pasta and pizza. Pasta and pizza are ordered directly from the chefs at the individual stations. I especially like that the chefs prepare the food in front of the guests, so you can overview your food being prepared. They have high standards to avoid any cross contamination. The gluten free pasta is pre-cooked in advance and stored in little ziplock bags. The gluten free pizza is baked in the same oven, covered in a aluminium foil tray.  However, do not sit down waiting for the buzzer to ring, indicating your food is ready. I always wait at the counter and check that they wash hands, put on new gloves and prepare my food separately, as they are instructed to do.


Gluten free delivery and takeaway in Vienna

If you don’t feel like going out, Lieferando has a great selection of gluten free restaurants for you to choose:

Typical Viennese kitchen:

Gluten free pizza:

Gluten free burgers:

Gluten free indian food:

Gluten free in Vienna: Bakery

Gluten Free X

Since 2023 there is a dedicated gluten free bakery in Vienna – finally! Gluten free X is located in the 9th district and has a great variety of breads, pastries and cakes.

Gluten free in Vienna: Supermarkets

Gluten free food can be bought at the following supermarkets and stores in Vienna. Basically every little shop offers at least a small section of gluten free groceries.

Billa Plus

Billa Plus is a supermarket chain that is pretty well-stocked with gluten free products. Don’t forget to check out the frozen gluten free pizza, Krapfen (jelly filled donuts) and cakes. Depending on the branch they even offer freshly baked gluten free muffins, bread and sandwiches from the brand „Weizenfrei“. Weizenfrei means wheat free, but don’t worry, all their products are certified gluten free as well. A Billa supermarket is basically around every corner in Vienna. You really can’t miss it.


Small selection of gluten free pasta and sweets. Choice depends on size of store. There is a greater choice at Eurospar and Interspar.

Die neuen glutenfreien Produkte von SPAR free from im Test


Hofer is owned by Germany’s Aldi and similar in style. Very cheap and solid quality, but not much gluten free choice. They do offer gluten free bread from Schär and cookies though.

Denn’s Organic Store

Another good source for gluten free in Vienna is Denn’s. It’s an organic store offering gluten free bread, flour, cookies, pasta and much more.

Gluten free in Vienna: Hotels

As I live in Vienna, I rarely stay in a Hotel. However, I got some good recommendations from fellow Celiacs.

Motel One – Thank you, Lena!
This chain offers gluten free breakfast at all branches. There are 4 Motel One Hotels in Vienna:

25hours Hotel – Thanks Martina for the recommendation!
Ideally located is the 25hours Hotel. A stay in this colourful and fun hotel is an experience itself. The roof top bar is a highlight at night. Gluten free breakfast is availably upon request.
Nearby:  Gasthaus zum Wohl, Café Grüner Salon – both 100% gluten free, Pizzeria Scarabocchio

Gluten free in Vienna: Basic gluten free vocabulary

While English is widely understood and spoken in Vienna, it does not hurt to know some basic German words.

  • gluten = Gluten
  • gluten free = glutenfrei
  • no gluten = ohne Gluten
  • wheat = Weizen
  • wheat starch = Weizenstärke
  • barley = Gerste
  • barley malt = Gerstenmalz
  • rye = Roggen
  • oats = Hafer (only eat certified gluten free oats!)
  • spelt = Dinkel
  • I have celiac disease = Ich habe Zöliakie.
  • Do you offer gluten free options? = Haben Sie glutenfreie Speisen?
  • Do you know about celiac disease? = Kennen Sie sich mit Zöliakie aus?
  • Is this gluten free? = Ist das glutenfrei?
  • Thank you = Danke
  • Please = Bitte
  • Hello = Hallo/Hi (formal: Guten Tag)
  • Vienna is a wonderful place to be! = Es ist wunderbar in Wien zu sein!

Gluten free in Vienna – enjoy your stay!

I feel blessed with the gluten free choice in my hometown. There are many celiac safe restaurants and cafés. Supermarkets offer a great choice of gluten free groceries and knowledge of Celiac Disease is improving.
I hope this local gluten free guide helps you to enjoy your stay in Vienna. Do you have any more questions? Please free to add a comment below.
Have fun in Vienna,
Jenni ♥

Please note: Despite all the precautions that restaurants may take, there is still no guarantee that these places are 100% celiac safe because there is gluten in some of these facilities. Make sure to always double check and eat at your own discretion!

Are you a native English speaker and would like to proof-read this article? Feel free to email me at kontakt @ jennimarieni . at.  Thank you!

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